Support Network ~ Natural Flow

As we progress on our pathway towards ‘Enlightenment’ we
Are given ‘gentle nudges’ by Life’s Opportunities…
These ‘Opportunities’ are frequent and manageable…
Particularly because, we are provided with the ‘Necessary Support’
To bring about a ‘Satisfactory Outcome’.
The ‘Particular Focus’ of each opportunity, is generally stimulated by
A combination of ‘Internal & External Forces’.
The ’Positive External Forces’ can be embraced in such a way, that they
Act as a ‘Support Network’… 
Which ensures that we are able to
 ‘Deal with Experiences, to the Best of Our Abilities’.
These ‘External Forces’ generally come as ‘Waves of Energy’, which are capable of
directing us towards ‘Specific Goals’ or ‘Satisfactory Outcomes’.
If we attune ourselves to these ‘Energies’ we are carried forward easily within The Natural Fow
and The expenditure of ‘Personal Energy’ is minimised.
Hence we will have ‘Sufficient Energy’ to focus upon
‘Personal Progress’ on an ‘Inner Level’.
This ‘Inner Progress’, enables us to deal with Life in ‘new ways’ and
Assists us to gain ‘Additional Knowledge’ for the future.