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6th December - 8th January 2021


A period Dedicated to rebalancing our Inner Timing


Inner timing is a broad spectrum term, governed by the contrast between

inner motion and external manifestation


A simplistic example of this is

An idea generating within the mind ~ to the bringing about of that idea in everyday life


A timing element of this could be considered as the amount of time between each element of the thought formulating

If the whole of the idea formulates almost instantaneously, it would indicate that the timing was very fast.

If the elements formulated fairly quickly then the timing is fairly quick & so on


During this phase the rebalancing will generally be internal, so for instance


It may be the mind is too busy (timing too fast)

N.B assist this by encouraging inner calm


If emotions are downbeat (timing too slow)

You could do things that make you more cheerful


Ideally inner timing is in balance with outer timing

When this is the case we find that life flows harmoniously


When inner & outer timings are unsynchronized it can lead to disharmony in life


For instance

Emotions that have been supressed and added to over a long period ~ releasing themselves in an uncontrolled way

at an inappropriate time

N.B It could be that a current experience fires up or activates the stored elements moving them too quickly


When timing is too slow it can lead to missed opportunities ~ the moment passes


A good indicator of satisfactory inner timing is a Flow in Life