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2nd February – 8th March 2021: -

This period is about upgrading our understanding

There will be the opportunity to relocate thoughts, update them where necessary and store them in more appropriate areas

Often the assumption is made that memories and thoughts are stored in the mind - however, this is not always the case.

They can be entangled with other elements, causing them to be stored elsewhere 


For instance, if a memory is closely interwoven with the emotions it may be stored there

This can happen when it is important that we remember certain aspects of a previous experience - in order to better deal with a later experience

When a certain emotion is triggered it can bring forward the memory and previously gained knowledge

Once we master a certain experience and the reminder is no longer required – the memory can be released and stored in the form of a new understanding

There are occasions when this does not occur because the memory has become too entangled with the emotions

When this occurs it can start to become problematic - resurfacing at inappropriate moments, distorting reactions or weighing us down. 


In the same way memories can be stored on a body level – which can be useful as a reminder of our physical capabilities or limitations

Once we no longer require the reminder it is hoped that they will naturally release or be stored within the memory as a reference point

Again if the memory continues to be stored in the same area once it is no longer useful – it can distort and become more tangible on a physical level – possibly even lead to a physical problem 


There are many other examples of inappropriately stored thoughts and memories.

If you already have sufficient understanding 

or these examples are not easy to embrace, please disregard them